No posts this week

No posts this week

My Bad ya’ll it been hectic here at the DECG (Down to Earth Colored Goddess) compound. I got a job and started Monday YAY me ! As a result my household and my personal flow are in a state of flux. I almost have my schedule worked out (work flow, mom flow, loving me flow, workout flow, blog flow)

Also my children have decided to join me on my journey according to them it is the only way I am going to get healthy (smart kids). As a result we are in the process of creating a new menu that is US friendly lol

I will be back on it next week ..till then stay well and stay healthy!!!!!!! ❤

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Diabetic Samurai Meal – 3

Struggle Meal [Struhg uh l Meel] – as defined by my household 1. a meal purchased with your last bit of cash. 2. (kids version) The meal we have to make cause mom is on strike 3. a quick artfully pulled together meal using leftover and whatever else is in the house

Ladies and gents I give you today’s  Diabetic samurai meal-struggle style *wink*

Quick chicken tinga w/black beans, salsa red onions and salted lime crema

Quick chicken tinga w/black beans, salsa red onions and salted lime crema

As the caption says it is a quick chicken tinga tostada dressed well with a side of yellow rice.  this is a quick meal made from leftovers.  when I say quick I mean 30 min or less.

Here is how that happened I had pre-cooked chicken thighs (I live on chicken thighs you should see my freezer every month..stacked) that I chopped.  You can shred the meat if you want but I was in a hurry.  Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your pan on medium heat then add the chicken.  Now I dont know if yall have heard about the wonderful Rick Bayless for Frontera sauces…No?  Check them out because they are all natural sauces that you can pick up at any Grocery story in the Mexican  or International aisle.  In any case depending on the amount of chicken you have you can add one or two pouches of that plus a 1/4 cup(or less go slow and taste as you go) of apple cider vinegar .  Please note that if you like it spicy (Ido,Ido!) then you may need to add more seasoning. Let that simmer for a little bit and you are good to go.

For the refried beans…I keep cooked black beans in my house because they are good with everything and can be turned into dips, soups and bases (oh my) at a moments notice.  To refry them I start off with the beans and a couple of table spoons of olive oil in my pan.  Heat them till you feel them getting soft; you can check this by smooshing them with a wooden spoon.  As they start to get soft you start smooshing them and adding small amounts of water (1/4 cup at a time) till you get the desired consistency.  To season them add cayenne, salt, pepper, lime, chili powder, cumin and cilantro to taste . *note you don’t have to add all of that you can pick and choose I’m just a spice lover…I have a shelf dedicated to spices in my cabinet.  

Annnnnnnnd  it is done …assemble and eat


Please keep in mind that you don’t have to use yellow rice…brown rice works as well 🙂

do work!

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The Talk

Its time

I have been avoiding it and I know y’all probably try to avoid it as well but we must all admit to make progress on this journey it is a necessary evil 

EXERCISE *shudder*

The truth is I dont mind the actual act of exercising its the starting and being consistent that makes me break out in hives.  Once I have picked a program, actually started said program and do it consistently for 2 weeks I am good.  The problem is getting there..just getting there *sigh* 

So here I go again I’ve picked the program; I was originally thinking P90X since I’ve done it previously and survived with great success(lost 30 lbs gained it back 1 month into school).  

Luckily I took a moment to really think about the state of my body and my mental commitment capacity- 1 hr a day of hardcore is not something my head and body could wrap itself around- so I chose something more in line with where I am at today 

I give you Shaun T- Rockin Body 


I know think OMG she drank the Kool Aid and has gone off Cheesy falls in a barrel bless her heart.  

Not so fast …Shaun actually has something here this is body moving sweat inducing exercise that does not feel like exercise its actually fun. Not the sarcastic exercise is fun but the yeah I can do this every day and not be bored fun. 

For the cost of dinner for 2 at Fridays ( 30 bones) you get 2 DVD’s and a calendar, a food guide and a how to eat when you are out cheat sheet.  Each party as he calls it takes about 25 min and  the steps are easy to follow with or without 2 left feet.  As I said this is sweat inducing but not in a way where you are left in a gelatinous heap on the floor and cant walk the next day.  I am on day 2 of the work out and I am feeling good with the promise in my head of feeling better by the end of week 2 as long as I stay consistent 

So yeah …Exercise…that’s in my life again …Wooot? lol 

What exercise do y’all engage in ?

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Diabetic Samurai Meal-2

It was a good night in the lab …I had a craving for fried chicken 


 I found the recipe here …baked fried chicken nom nom….with a mound of salad greens


and these lovely delectable Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potato fries found here

Yeah today was a great day in the Lab 

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Tracking Progress

I am a Digital Woman…I live on technology and am not able to function without it.  My favorite piece of tech is my phone.  I recently upgraded from an iPhone to a Galaxy S4 to my delight is has a pre-loaded fitness tracking program.  

S Health allows you to set weight and caloric intake goals, track caloric intake as well as calories burned while walking or completing some other physical activity 

check out these screen shots .


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Diabetic Samurai Meals

Happy 2014!

Lets talk about the third component of my meal plan for success (in my mind)

This is my favorite part for several reasons…top two….I am a foodie and I love to cook

When I talk about cooking I often refer to myself as the mad scientist and my kitchen is my lab where I work out my worries, frustrations, sorrows and Joy.  It was one of the few places I could find peace in the midst of my own perceived chaos that I now realize was just life making me change in the face of my complacency.

In any case my love of fast food and non healthy food is what got me to where I am today (more on that in the next post) and ironically it will be what aids me in making the changes.

What does a diabetic samurai meal look like you ask…

At this time it is a home cooked meal using mostly fresh or Mad scientist created ingredients

One of my favorites is Enchiladas I have yet to learn to make my own tortillas so I use the low carb mission brand

I use a variation of the recipe found here  you can make veggie, chicken, turkey, lean ground beef.  This plus a lovely salad or black re-fried beans and brown rice what ever ….the end result is oh so good and oh so manageable for us diabetics.

Happy eating

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The Replacement

As I mentioned before I put myself on a meal plan I’ve already discussed the juice (so far it is going well) 

Lets talk about the replacement meal shake shall we?  There are many out there ….most of the ones I have encountered ….diabetic friendly and not are horrible.  Gut wrenching, make your mouth jump off your face and slap you for daring to ingest that vile madness …horrible.  

I finally found one that works for me and does not have an adverse affect on my blood glucose levels 

the AdvantEDGE Meal replacement shake in french vanilla by EAS  (i have no endorsement deals with them of any kind) 

ImageThis drink does it for me 100 calories, 17 grams of protein,  3 grams of carbohydrates and zero sugar Yes I can manage my life  and keep my energy in tact for the day till snack time before a work out.  Best part is I can buy a case that will last a month at my local Sam’s club.





Before I close this post I have to be real with yall …as I mentioned I lost my job 5 months ago and have yet to find full time employment.  This means the food portion of this journey iscurrently purchased with SNAP funds …I have to put the disclaimer out (I have been judged harshly several times over by random people that I dont know while I am out shopping) I worked at my last job for 11 years and was downsized. I have worked and been a contributing citizen to this program since I left my parents protection at the age of 19; I am a single mother of two that gets no child support (I take care of my own) so I have a right to use this for a short time while I get back on my feet. 


…….. I had to say it …I am about honesty and transparency 


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