I am a snack chick which means my snack quotient is very high.  I am a consiuer who has been known to make a meal out of snacks.  I mean in the past it would not have been uncommon to see me with a xl nosh plate loaded with deep fried goodies and diabetic coma inducing sweets.

Now that I am on this journey I though I had to gi e up my beloved snack habit.  Luckily I was incorrect as I tend to be when it comes to my intial thoughts about what is acceptable and what is not.  I’ve sorted my self out and found ….miracle..I dont have to give up mah goodies.   I can either modify the ones I love to meet my health needs or simply find new ones

In the spirit of my live for snackz life  I present you with my newly formed ……

Snack a paloza list

Baked onion rings- Closet Cooking 

Veggie plate- make your own

Hummus w/o tahini- Kitchen CiCi 

Salsa – The bodega down my block makes California tear drop …hot like fyiah

Baked Sweet Potato Chips – Sweet Pea’s Kitchen 

Re fried beans- check your local grocer for organic ones or make your own its real simple

Zucchini fries – Closet Kitchen

Caring is Sharing help me add to the list !


About Camille360

Goddess born Goddess built be I strong of mind and heart courtesy of life lessons. Down to earth richly colored woman I am. Raising future fantastic people and continually evolving.
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