Diabetic Samurai Meal – 3

Struggle Meal [Struhg uh l Meel] – as defined by my household 1. a meal purchased with your last bit of cash. 2. (kids version) The meal we have to make cause mom is on strike 3. a quick artfully pulled together meal using leftover and whatever else is in the house

Ladies and gents I give you today’s  Diabetic samurai meal-struggle style *wink*

Quick chicken tinga w/black beans, salsa red onions and salted lime crema

Quick chicken tinga w/black beans, salsa red onions and salted lime crema

As the caption says it is a quick chicken tinga tostada dressed well with a side of yellow rice.  this is a quick meal made from leftovers.  when I say quick I mean 30 min or less.

Here is how that happened I had pre-cooked chicken thighs (I live on chicken thighs you should see my freezer every month..stacked) that I chopped.  You can shred the meat if you want but I was in a hurry.  Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your pan on medium heat then add the chicken.  Now I dont know if yall have heard about the wonderful Rick Bayless for Frontera sauces…No?  Check them out because they are all natural sauces that you can pick up at any Grocery story in the Mexican  or International aisle.  In any case depending on the amount of chicken you have you can add one or two pouches of that plus a 1/4 cup(or less go slow and taste as you go) of apple cider vinegar .  Please note that if you like it spicy (Ido,Ido!) then you may need to add more seasoning. Let that simmer for a little bit and you are good to go.

For the refried beans…I keep cooked black beans in my house because they are good with everything and can be turned into dips, soups and bases (oh my) at a moments notice.  To refry them I start off with the beans and a couple of table spoons of olive oil in my pan.  Heat them till you feel them getting soft; you can check this by smooshing them with a wooden spoon.  As they start to get soft you start smooshing them and adding small amounts of water (1/4 cup at a time) till you get the desired consistency.  To season them add cayenne, salt, pepper, lime, chili powder, cumin and cilantro to taste . *note you don’t have to add all of that you can pick and choose I’m just a spice lover…I have a shelf dedicated to spices in my cabinet.  

Annnnnnnnd  it is done …assemble and eat


Please keep in mind that you don’t have to use yellow rice…brown rice works as well 🙂

do work!


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