The Talk

Its time

I have been avoiding it and I know y’all probably try to avoid it as well but we must all admit to make progress on this journey it is a necessary evil 

EXERCISE *shudder*

The truth is I dont mind the actual act of exercising its the starting and being consistent that makes me break out in hives.  Once I have picked a program, actually started said program and do it consistently for 2 weeks I am good.  The problem is getting there..just getting there *sigh* 

So here I go again I’ve picked the program; I was originally thinking P90X since I’ve done it previously and survived with great success(lost 30 lbs gained it back 1 month into school).  

Luckily I took a moment to really think about the state of my body and my mental commitment capacity- 1 hr a day of hardcore is not something my head and body could wrap itself around- so I chose something more in line with where I am at today 

I give you Shaun T- Rockin Body 


I know think OMG she drank the Kool Aid and has gone off Cheesy falls in a barrel bless her heart.  

Not so fast …Shaun actually has something here this is body moving sweat inducing exercise that does not feel like exercise its actually fun. Not the sarcastic exercise is fun but the yeah I can do this every day and not be bored fun. 

For the cost of dinner for 2 at Fridays ( 30 bones) you get 2 DVD’s and a calendar, a food guide and a how to eat when you are out cheat sheet.  Each party as he calls it takes about 25 min and  the steps are easy to follow with or without 2 left feet.  As I said this is sweat inducing but not in a way where you are left in a gelatinous heap on the floor and cant walk the next day.  I am on day 2 of the work out and I am feeling good with the promise in my head of feeling better by the end of week 2 as long as I stay consistent 

So yeah …Exercise…that’s in my life again …Wooot? lol 

What exercise do y’all engage in ?


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Goddess born Goddess built be I strong of mind and heart courtesy of life lessons. Down to earth richly colored woman I am. Raising future fantastic people and continually evolving.
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