Diabetic Samurai Meals

Happy 2014!

Lets talk about the third component of my meal plan for success (in my mind)

This is my favorite part for several reasons…top two….I am a foodie and I love to cook

When I talk about cooking I often refer to myself as the mad scientist and my kitchen is my lab where I work out my worries, frustrations, sorrows and Joy.  It was one of the few places I could find peace in the midst of my own perceived chaos that I now realize was just life making me change in the face of my complacency.

In any case my love of fast food and non healthy food is what got me to where I am today (more on that in the next post) and ironically it will be what aids me in making the changes.

What does a diabetic samurai meal look like you ask…

At this time it is a home cooked meal using mostly fresh or Mad scientist created ingredients

One of my favorites is Enchiladas I have yet to learn to make my own tortillas so I use the low carb mission brand

I use a variation of the recipe found here  you can make veggie, chicken, turkey, lean ground beef.  This plus a lovely salad or black re-fried beans and brown rice what ever ….the end result is oh so good and oh so manageable for us diabetics.

Happy eating


About Camille360

Goddess born Goddess built be I strong of mind and heart courtesy of life lessons. Down to earth richly colored woman I am. Raising future fantastic people and continually evolving.
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