The Replacement

As I mentioned before I put myself on a meal plan I’ve already discussed the juice (so far it is going well) 

Lets talk about the replacement meal shake shall we?  There are many out there ….most of the ones I have encountered ….diabetic friendly and not are horrible.  Gut wrenching, make your mouth jump off your face and slap you for daring to ingest that vile madness …horrible.  

I finally found one that works for me and does not have an adverse affect on my blood glucose levels 

the AdvantEDGE Meal replacement shake in french vanilla by EAS  (i have no endorsement deals with them of any kind) 

ImageThis drink does it for me 100 calories, 17 grams of protein,  3 grams of carbohydrates and zero sugar Yes I can manage my life  and keep my energy in tact for the day till snack time before a work out.  Best part is I can buy a case that will last a month at my local Sam’s club.





Before I close this post I have to be real with yall …as I mentioned I lost my job 5 months ago and have yet to find full time employment.  This means the food portion of this journey iscurrently purchased with SNAP funds …I have to put the disclaimer out (I have been judged harshly several times over by random people that I dont know while I am out shopping) I worked at my last job for 11 years and was downsized. I have worked and been a contributing citizen to this program since I left my parents protection at the age of 19; I am a single mother of two that gets no child support (I take care of my own) so I have a right to use this for a short time while I get back on my feet. 


…….. I had to say it …I am about honesty and transparency 



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Goddess born Goddess built be I strong of mind and heart courtesy of life lessons. Down to earth richly colored woman I am. Raising future fantastic people and continually evolving.
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