The Juice

Yesterday I laid out the truth about my weight and health followed by a plan for getting my eating on the right side of correct. Today I am going to talk about my breakfast ….the green monster AKA the green death.

The green drink of death

The Green Death

My daughter calls it the green death because it “smells like death and the tears of orphan children”  …yes she is a character

The recipe for this is

1 hand full of parsley

1 green apple cored and chopped

5 baby carrots

1 celery stalk

2 tbs of honey (optional )

I leave the honey out for now because I am trying to kick sugar.

I chose this juice because it was the one that made me gag the least and surprisingly it detox’s my system while giving me an energy boost

This is a major change for me because I am a big breakfast massive brunch kind of girl but

There is no gain in the journey to your goal without massive change


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Goddess born Goddess built be I strong of mind and heart courtesy of life lessons. Down to earth richly colored woman I am. Raising future fantastic people and continually evolving.
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3 Responses to The Juice

  1. great job starting a healthy lifestyle! I’d only recommend to not kick the honey as honey has great health benefits and can actually be a good substitute for sugar and help cut down cravings. Just make sure to get raw, natural honey! I look forward to seeing what other delicious recipes you try!

    • Camille360 says:

      Thank you that is a good point about the honey …I always worry over what sugar I do put into my system because of my diabetes. I usually bounce between extremes of none at all or more than any one person should have. I have a few local sources for honey that I am going to try hopefully it will help me kick these cravings.

      • It’s difficult with so much different information out there! I hear you with the extremes! One thing that helped me was to learn about the healthy foods. If I was eating broccoli, I would do a quick google search on broccoli to learn about the specific benefits (we all know broccoli is good for us, but WHY is it good for us). Then I would use a visualization-type of meditation as I ate or drank the broccoli; thinking about the benefits my blood and body was receiving from it. Hippie-ish, I know, but it helped! I would think about the same thing with bad foods: visualize the non-beneficial ingredients clogging arteries, etc. It helps to bring an awareness. I still enjoy snack foods but not nearly as much as when I didn’t think about the effects they were having on my body. Maybe that will help, maybe it won’t! Good luck continuing your journey!

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