The goal and the plan


I’m back from the dead..I’ve been running the gambit of various illnesses the past few weeks.  I am happy to report I am on the mend and can get back to the business of my weight loss and what not.  Being sick was not a total loss it made me take a eye opening and realistic look at my health and how far I have to go to reach my goal,

My goal is to take my now 240 lb (OUCH …yes there it is the truth of it all I have put on  20 lbs since loosing my job in July ) out of control diabetes no exercising self down to a manageable 190 lbs by mid June-early July and then work from there to maybe 160-170 by my birthday in October depending on how I feel.  

With that in mind the first hurdle to cover is my eating habits which are notoriously bad I eat everything I am not supposed to and then some to excess.  I have been particularly bad these past 5 months because I am an emotional mess and food is my comfort of choice. Having 2 junk/fast food obsessed  teen monsters in the house who can eat whatever they want without worry doesn’t help either.  The second hurdle is exercise but more on that later 

I have a plan for my meals its not perfect but once I commit myself to it I believe it can work …

Breakfast: Green monster juice  of choice

Snack: Fruits, raw veg and nuts

Lunch: Meal replacement shake + light carb source

Snack: Fruits, raw veg and nuts

Dinner:  Diabetic Samurai meal

Snack:  Peanut butter on wheat toast or spoon

In the coming days I will break down what each part of my plan looks like in real time i.e. what juice I have created, what a diabetic samurai meal looks like etc. 

I was going to wait till after the holidays to start this plan but time is of the essence …my glucose levels have been stupid out of control and my body is getting more sluggish by the minute so

the plan starts tomorrow 


About Camille360

Goddess born Goddess built be I strong of mind and heart courtesy of life lessons. Down to earth richly colored woman I am. Raising future fantastic people and continually evolving.
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