Diabetic Samurai Breakfast


Breakfast Crock pot BBQ Chicken on half a bagle

My stomach cant always handle breakfast  food in the am


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Diabetic Ninja Lab notes


Tonight’s dinner crab cakes jasmine rice and steamed veg.
All home cooked/made 

I have yet to put this into the my fitness pal log  however I feel great after eating it so that is a plus

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The picture heard round social media


As the caption says Hell Naw

This picture was taken when during a discussion panel that was videoed and subsequently submitted to a few art festivals. It is also permanently embedded in social media thanks to several postings and repostings. Nothing malcious but still i wasnt asked if it was ok to post ….had i been the answer would have been …helll to thee nooo.

I will say this pictures did motivate…. me to drop 10lbs and a alot of careful consideration of my image ….brand …and with whom i do business.

….The journey continues …..

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And Still I Try

Well here I go again

Trying to drop this weight that has moved from 235 to 247 in the last year.  Thank the Creator that it is not worse than it could be but it is still pretty bad…. to put it in context for you

the last time I carried this much weight I was at the end of my journey to birth my second human into the world

Yeah so not where I want to be …but at least I know how I got here  5 years of neglect while I worked to finish my degree and find a new job after loosing the one I had for 11 years (can u say stress). I also know why I stayed in this state of being for so long; I am the bomb.com at multitasking but even I  have my limits.  Priorities had to be set and taking care of my health/weight was low on the list

Today marks a return to taking care of me fully; I recently finished degree I am not working an uber challenging job at the moment so I can fully focus on the task at hand ….getting this weight down.

Life of me -whoever I am at this moment cause I swear I dont know anymore begins anew  today

Journey activated

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Diabetic Samurai Meal -4

Diabetic Samurai Meal -4

yummy yummy yummy get in mah tummmmmmeah

Chicken fajita’s done in the oven ..spicy goodness pimped out with the necessary accouterments. Does a body good

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Real Consistent (not)

Work out update

Let me be real with yall . Image

I fell of the workout wagon …I’m human.  I could give all kinds of excuses from my new job to women issues but it came down to plain ole laziness.

I just couldn’t get motivated to be consistent…I started several times but it went nowhere after that


My CHK (Chocolate Haitian King) issued a challenge in his own personal style.  The gist I keep doing my workouts consistently and eat clean for the next 3 months in return I get a trip with him to the high end resale shop of my dreams w/ the possibility of picking up a Chanel bag I have been wanting for ages.   There were other prizes but ahem …that’s private


Yeah I am motivated and back on the workout train Monday was the official reboot

Let me tell you Shaun t is no joke just me reiterating a previously stated fact punctuated with ….I woke up sore as hell this morning.  When I say sore I mean I felt like I had been in the club till the COD dancing the whole time wearing 6inch stilettos.

Claude have mercy on me and what I am going to feel like in the morning

Disco grove and hardcore abs on deck tonight

Pray for ya girl

Do work

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I am a snack chick which means my snack quotient is very high.  I am a consiuer who has been known to make a meal out of snacks.  I mean in the past it would not have been uncommon to see me with a xl nosh plate loaded with deep fried goodies and diabetic coma inducing sweets.

Now that I am on this journey I though I had to gi e up my beloved snack habit.  Luckily I was incorrect as I tend to be when it comes to my intial thoughts about what is acceptable and what is not.  I’ve sorted my self out and found ….miracle..I dont have to give up mah goodies.   I can either modify the ones I love to meet my health needs or simply find new ones

In the spirit of my live for snackz life  I present you with my newly formed ……

Snack a paloza list

Baked onion rings- Closet Cooking 

Veggie plate- make your own

Hummus w/o tahini- Kitchen CiCi 

Salsa – The bodega down my block makes California tear drop …hot like fyiah

Baked Sweet Potato Chips – Sweet Pea’s Kitchen 

Re fried beans- check your local grocer for organic ones or make your own its real simple

Zucchini fries – Closet Kitchen

Caring is Sharing help me add to the list !

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